It’s hard to believe but the images below date from as early as 1912. They are the work of artist Richard M├╝ller.

This type of pencil drawn surrealism is a having a bit of a moment and this work might be mistaken for the work of Laurie Lipton or the less whimsical work of Rory Dobner.

richardmuller z

The Image above very much reminds me of my favourite design by Timorous Beasties: ‘Iguana’. ( As shown below)

Timorous Beasties Iguana Wallpaper

muller3 Auf Freiersf├╝ssen(courting) , 1914 heronsbig Rivalen-Rivals-aka-Neckerei-Teasing-by-Richard-Muller muller_marabu muller

Stunning work.