True Grace Reed Diffuser Refill Black Lily


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True Grace Reed Diffuser Refill Black Lily

200ml & Bundle of long reeds

Inspired by the fragrance of a garden at night.

An exotic blend of Violets, Jasmine, Lily and Vanilla, refreshed with Bergamot.  These heady florals, with a base of Vetiver and Sandalwood, add atmospheric fragrance to your room.

Fragrance Family:  Floral/ Oriental

The fragrance oil contains 20% fragrance – which is the equivalent of a ‘pure perfume’.

Lasts approximately 12 -16 weeks. Turn reeds every 2 weeks.

Made in England.

British brand True Grace are officially recognised as a carbon neutral manufacturer.

CARE: Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Avoid eye and skin contact. Wash hands after refilling the bottle.
Wipe any spillages immediately. Do not light the reeds.