True Grace Portobello Oud Reed Diffuser


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True Grace Portobello Oud Reed Diffuser

250 ml fragrance oil
Smoked glass Apothecary bottle, bundle of long reeds.

Manor Collection Reed Diffuser.
Inspired by exotic food, spices and antique leather furniture.
Precious Oud is spiced with Ginger, Bergamot and Sandalwood. An intoxicating and enveloping fragrance to add warmth to your room.

Fragrance Family:  Woody

The fragrance oil contains 20% fragrance – which is the equivalent of a ‘pure perfume’.

Lasts approximately 12-16 weeks. Turn reeds every 2 weeks.

Made in England.
Gift Boxed.

British brand True Grace are based in Wiltshire and are officially recognised as a carbon neutral manufacturer.

CARE: Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Avoid eye and skin contact. Wash hands after refilling the bottle.
Wipe any spillages immediately. Do not light the reeds.