The Boudoir Bible


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The Boudoir Bible

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The Uninhibited Sex Guide For Today

by Betony Vernon

A comprehensive and instructional guide to the new sexual landscape, covering bondage, role play and sex toys that would make your parents blush.

The Boudoir Bible fills the niches missing from other sex guides nicely, with full, elaborated chapters on rope bondage, restraints of sound and sight, erotic flagellation, and the stimulation of new erogenous zones, among innumerable other offerings.

Presented with wit and verve and with illustrations by the renowned artist Fran├žois Berthoud, whose provocative creations have graced both Prada campaigns and museum exhibitions, The Boudoir Bible provides a fresh, joyful, positive view of sexuality in the twenty-first century.

Betony Vernon is a boundary-defying sex educator, sculptress and erotic jewellery creator based in Paris and Milan. Her roles as an advisor to fashion and magazine editors makes her a go-to sex expert, from the boardroom and the television studio to the bedroom.

Betony is a continuous presence in high fashion magazines such as French Vogue, GQ, Playboy, and the New York Times. She has starred in a TV series on sexual education on both French and Italian television.