The Birds and the Beetles 2 Cushion




The Birds and the Beetles 2 Cushion

Available in 2 sizes

Inspired by the savage beauty of nature, this dark and dramatic image depicts birds fighting over prey – a large Beetle.

The painting was digitally created using Oil Paint software. This has allowed us to create an incredibly realistic facsimile of paint applied to board.

An original Tooth & Claw illustration.

4 Colourways:
Black with Blue Birds / Black with Green Birds / Grey scale with Teal Beetle/ Greyscale with Fuchsia Beetle

Plush Black Velvet rear.

Digital print on Matte 100% Cotton Sateen.

Rear:  Velvet (100% Cotton)
Duck-feather filled cushion pad.

Printed and Made in the UK.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Dry Clean Only. Medium Iron.

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Large (60 x 60 cm), Medium (45 x 45 cm)