Literati & Light Ulysses & The Sirens Reed Diffuser


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Literati & Light Ulysses & The Sirens Reed Diffuser


Hops, juniper, tea leaves, leather, rose, mixed woods

This luxury, literary reed diffuser evokes the scent of the hops, juniper, and tea served in the Sirens’ bar in Ulysses.

This botanical fragrance has top notes of hops and juniper, a heart of tea and rose, and a rich leather and woods base.
A perfectly unisex fragrance, as complex as the novel it pays homage to.

An ideal gift for book lovers and fragrance lovers alike.

A bespoke British fragrance, this gift boxed set contains filled glass fragrance bottle and white reeds.

Eco base. Luxury Fragrance. High Quality Reeds
Made by hand in England.

Lasts approximately 8 weeks.
Turn reeds to refresh fragrance.

CARE: Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Avoid eye and skin contact.
Wipe any spillages immediately. Do not light the reeds and keep away from sources of ignition.