L:A Bruket Sea Salt Body Scrub Marjoram and Eucalyptus


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L:A Bruket Sea Salt Body Scrub Marjoram and Eucalyptus

Unwind with this organic and vegan body scrub from Swedish brand L:A Bruket.

Blended from organic ingredients, this scrub includes sea salt and essential oils from eucalyptus and marjoram leaves, which stimulate the skin. The oils also have healing, astringent and cleansing properties as well as a warming and relaxing effect. The vegetable oils will protect and moisturize your skin.
Eucalyptus leaf oil with its healing and stimulating properties also eases strained muscles.

To use, massage gently over your wet skin. Allow your skin to briefly absorb the oils and then rinse off with water.

Made in Sweden.

Based on the Swedish coast, L:A Bruket work with medicinal plants, essential oils and raw ingredients, from both land and sea. All products are mixed by hand.