Coco Chocolatier Earl Grey Tea Dark Chocolate Bar


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Coco Chocolatier Earl Grey Tea Dark Chocolate Bar


British eccentricity is alive and well with Coco Chocolatier Earl Grey Tea & Bergamot bar.
Rich dark chocolate with citrus notes, full of character.
61% single origin Colombian dark chocolate.

Vegan . Gluten Free . Palm Oil Free.

Chocolate origin: Colombia
Wrapper Artwork: Mari Campistron

Mari Campistron is an illustrator based in Glasgow. Her risograph print work combines colours, drawings and existing imagery to convey stories.

Coco Chocolatier are ethical Chocolate producers, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. They work with Colombian cacao farmers who supply high quality single-origin chocolate. Back in Edinburgh, their team of chocolatiers uses this to create premium chocolate products, packaged in wrappers created by artists.