After a successful launch at Maison & Objet January 2014, our Spring/Summer 2014 collection is now available to buy through our website and will soon be available via our amazing new stockists!

The story behind ‘Night Flowers’ is based around my memories of using analogue cameras whilst on holiday…specifically after dark.

My overriding memory of using these pre-digital cameras is that we took far fewer photos, but there always seemed to be at least a handful of really great pictures in every batch.

These days, I feel like I spend ages just trying to get one average picture with the digital camera that I currently use.

With the Night flowers collection I was trying to capture that experience of being somewhere exotic in the evening (and possibly slightly drunk) and you see some amazing plant or flower or something that you just HAVE to photograph.
When you get the pictures back you find that, through complete fluke, you have this incredible, fantastically coloured, exotic image that you just LOVE!!!

It might be blurred here and there… the flash might have cast huge shadows and made the colours all wrong,… but you still love it.

Maison et Vie Night Flowers Cushions

Around the time that I started work on this collection I discovered the work of  artist Jon Carsman, who exhibited mostly between 1968 – 1978.

I love these pieces below where he is concentrating solely on foliage and flora… Light, shade and colour. I had already painted the Lily piece by then, but these works definitely influenced the Fern image.

Carsman-Lagoon Carsman-Salome Carsman-Kentia Carsman-Sun_Haven

When it came to extending the images into a Wallpaper design, Andrea was really clear about wanting something large-scale and also a bit mid century with regards to the colour palette.

The stunning wallpapers used in the films  ‘In The Mood For love’  and ‘The Aviator’ were  big inspirations.

tumblr_mkizb97vDH1s0zolwo1_1280 1463351_674093352625030_717487640_n



The Claret version of  the Fern Wallpaper – These are just graphics, as we still need to shoot the actual wallpapers.



And the Flesh coloured version of  ‘Fern forest’…. We love this one! It has so much drama!


As all you fashion lovers know, floral motifs featured massively on the catwalks for Spring/ Summer 2014…

We love this shot of the magically floral Dior catwalk…


And if your budget won’t quite stretch to this fab floral outfit from Hermes…


… you could always treat your home to something exotic & floral… (ahem)