Kimono My House

OK – so I nicked the title from an album by Sparks – but vintage Japanese Kimonos have become a bit of a thing at Tooth & Claw.

Earlier in the year, I decided to get a few Vintage Silk Kimonos from Japan to sell in-store. I had no idea if our customers would be interested, but they have flown out! Now I imagine everyone in town is swanning around in Silk Kimono!

I get them imported from Japan and when they arrive I carefully check for flaws. I only buy Kimono that are described as excellent condition, but they are used and sometimes due to age/wear and/or storage there will be a few  small marks.

I then usually create inner ties made from Muslin so that the kimono can be tied closed. In traditional Japanese dress, a clipped band is used that isn’t permanently attached.


I have also been tracking down and importing unused, vintage Silk Obi fabric bolts. I use these to make new sash belts for the Kimonos, as a traditional Obi is very wide and not really practical for modern, everyday use.

Kimonos are always crossed Left over Right, for both men & women. The opposite way is reserved for the Dead. Unless you are happy to be a Zombie!  Feel free to break all the rules if you want!

I tend not to put the Kimonos on the website as they don’t really hang around in-store for long… but it may be something I will do more of in future.