Hitchcock Birds Cushion - Grey / Teal

For early 2015, we have re-worked some of our best selling cushion designs into new colourways, for a fresh approach.

Designed as a capsule collection to complement our existing cushions and wallpaper, all of the new designs are now available on our website.

hitchcock birds fuschia

The Birds & The Beetles design has been transformed to create “Hitchcock Birds”.

Referencing the film “The Birds”, a subtle background of flying birds’ shadows has been added, which gives depth and an almost textural element to the design. The main image has been reworked into grey-scale and comes with either a Fuchsia or a Teal beetle. This makes these cushions a perfect complement for on-trend grey coloured rooms.

It’s also available as a plain design without the shadow-birds background for those seeking a simpler look.

greyscale birds

alas blue smoke

Alas Poor Birdy became the hero product of 2014…our best selling cushion by far! We have added 2 new colourways – Blood Red Roses and Blue Smoke Roses. Everyone seems to love our Crow’s skull illustration… it works so well with the resurgence of taxidermy as decor.

alas blood red

nightflowers black

Nightflowers Lily has been updated with a black background to give more of an Oriental feel. It now packs a real punch…. now I have a hankering to print this in silk and create gorgeous Kimonos and accessories…Yum!!!!

Andrea. x