Struggling to find a Christmas gift for an Art lover?

If your art loving friend appreciates the darker side of life then ‘The drawings of  Laurie Lipton’ could be a safe bet.

Laurie Lipton has been a working artist since the 1980’s and has been exhibited widely in Europe and the United States.
Lipton’s work is right up there with the likes of Mark Ryden, Shepard Fairey, Camille Rose Garcia and even Banksy.


Laurie-Lipton-death-and-the-maiden laurie-LiptonMirror-Mirror1 laurie-Lipton-Goblins Laurie-Lipton-RealityTV laurie-lipton-Lady-Death Laurie-Lipton-Bone-China laurie-Lipton-Organ-Grinder-485x663

These days i rarely pick up a pencil as i just don’t enjoy the process in the way that i used to. It has just gotta be paint for me. (the real and the digital kind)

I love to push the paint  around until the ‘hidden’ image that i am chasing finally reveals itself.

I sometimes look at Lipton’s work and get tempted to dust off my pencil technique but i just know that i would be constantly comparing myself to her fantastic work.

We here at Tooth & Claw adore Lipton’s work and we were lucky enough to pick up a piece for our vintage section earlier in the year.

It’s a huge framed, signed and edition work named ‘Leashed Passion’. (below)



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