The interiors and textile industries are having a bit of a love affair with digital printing.

It is the method that we use to create our fabrics and Wallpapers and it allows us to render complex sometimes hyper realistic images onto various media.

I’ve just stumbled upon a fantastic set of images from Life Magazine which show a printing process that is completely new to me, that is : Photographic printing directly onto fabric rather than paper.

Take a look at this stunning selection:

This first image is so contemporary and could have come straight from the pages of Elle Decoration.
That lamp shade could easily be the work of  Suzanne Goodwin and the backdrop looks like the trompe l’oeil wallpaper by Mineheart. Note: the photographs below are all from 1947.

Photographic Printing on Fabric

House of Hackney Rose Print Fabric? No…. Photographically printed fabric from the 40s!!

Rose print Wallpaper - looks like House Of Hackney

This almost looks like a Banksy.

Looks Like a Bansky


Rose Print Handbag

Love this!Rose print dress

Not available in Liberty of London!

Dog print scarf


Female face cushion

Digital printing is great but it is still very hard to capture images onto fabric in a way that looks like the original artwork.

Really wish that this process had caught on.